Becoming One with the Web Through Twitter!

Recently I was given the task of signing up with Twitter for two weeks and writing 10 “tweets” (updates) about myself, what I was doing, or thinking. So with reluctance I signed up with the Twitter website, which didn’t take me long, but soon became confusing. I had trouble adding people to follow and setting up my home page for Twitter. After some help from my professor Dr. Barbara Nixon, I soon was able to add people and set up my Twitter home page the way I wanted.

Soon afterward I found that the people I was “following” were not only informative in the field that they were in, they were helpful in ways I didn’t think would be possible. One person that I am following actually sends me e-mails on a regular basis and we converse about marketing topics and the like. He introduced me to people in my field on Twitter when I had no idea how to even start looking! My two weeks of Twitter has been a huge learning experience and I look forward to keeping up with the website and interesting people through college and into my career. A presence on this website, along with other social networking sites, has the potential to become a huge asset in many careers.

Others in my corporate PR class have become just as interested as I have and we are following each other and making new connections everyday! I have even heard just having a large presence on the Twitter website can even result in job offers! This is exciting and I hope I can help others with the website and connections as others have helped me.


~ by williammfoster on October 1, 2008.

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