Debate 08- Town Hall Style

I’m watching the debate right now on on my computer and also on FOX News. I really enjoy watching the tweets that everyone is doing on the website. A lot of people that are tweeting though aren’t really talking about the subject. They instead are talking about the types of chairs that they are sitting on or simply making unfiltered comments about their uneducated feelings about the candidates. I like the town hall type format that they have going on here where they both get to walk around and talk to the crowd and answer questions directly from them.

As far as the candidates go, it appears that Senator McCain is turning the debate toward bad-mouthing Senator Obama. I’m sure that Senator Obama will be answering in kind. I’m glad that they are addressing the issue of the economy and the bail out. Thank goodness there is a rule where the other has to be quiet while the other is talking because I think that if they did not they would just bicker back and forth. There are both republican and democratic comments comming in on Hack the Debate III. Some of them are really talking about interesting things.

As far as the first part goes with the economy, McCain doesn’t seem to have as good a handle as Obama. But of course, Obama does have to start talking about President Bush again and pushes the blame on the republican party. I hope I’m not the only noticing that McCain ignores the question and just starts talking about what Obama has done in the past. I’m not really sure either candidate will help reform our economy at this point.

I have to mention that Fox News has a “who won the debate” tag on the bottom of the screen, thirty minutes into the debate, and not only that, but Obama’s name is in blue and blends in witht he background while McCain’s name is bright orange. When I turn it on CNN has a likert scale at the bottom of the screen letting people know how people are feeling about the speech. Not much surprise that Obama is getting higher points than McCain. It’s so funny how the media puts their own spin on what’s going on. But of course we all know that Fox News is far more republican, and CNN is very liberal.

One thing I do notice, on that bar on CNN that tells you the attitudes of undecided voters, women are way more emotional than men. The women’s bar rises and falls drastically, while men tend to stay closer to the line. McCain’s age really shows though on this debate. I feel like he’s having a hard time standing up. Also I’m really worried about our nation’s health care, because once again, neither candidate is giving good responses.

McCain does have a better handle on foreign policy I must say, but that is expected. Alright, I used twitter and my comment showed up on! That’s exciting.

Well if I had to vote on any one of the candidates based on the debate tonight, Obama would win my vote.


~ by williammfoster on October 8, 2008.

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