PRCA 3331 Article Review of Sandra C. Duhe’s Public Relations and the Pathe to Innovation: Are Complex Environments Good for Business?

I am reviewing an article entiled “Public Relations and the Path to Innovation: Are Complex Enviroments Good for Business?” This article is about how public relations and its sometimes complex nature affects business. This article discusses environmental complexity and how to gain advatages through different innovations. This study is simialr to acedemic work in that it studies how different innovations affect the bottom line of a public relations firm. I am excited to write about this in that I am very interested in this subject and I’m sure others are too.

The idea of organizations adapting to their environments is in keeping with the tenets of systems theory that are so prevalent in public relations practice and research ( In regular people’s language, this means that PR firms has to be up-to-date with today’s techonolgy to compete in today’s economy. The organization’s stucture has to be developed around the latest technology so it will be ready tomorrow. If you don’t keep up with today’s technology by reading and producing blogs, being on on-line social networks, and posting “tweets,” then you arent’ contributing to your firms productivity.

This particular article had many different concepts at looking at PR firms and how that adapt to the environment. One in particular is the Everett example which took the typical and limited application of adaptation in public relations literature, and summarized it into three propositions: tight coupling of environmental tracking and organizational change, continuous change, and increasing amount of organizational-environmental linkages (

Aside from telling people how to adapt to changes in this article, the writer also describes how to use strategies over different PR firms that are not keeping with the changing times. She then describes manager with the ability to garner information from different contacts and how they can be beneficial to the firm. Individual managers are always important in an individual firm, but I did not realize how they affected the bottom line until I read this article by Sandra C. Duhe. You have to effectivly manage the values and effectiveness of each of your PR firm’s managers, they all make a huge difference. If one of them is falling behind, they all are. More complex environments call for more adept, more complex managers that can make things simple for others.

The article goes on to the research aspect of the study and go into the hypothesis and how they went about they studied that hypothesis. I’m going to spare you the nitty gritty details of the hard-core reserach aspect of the paper, but it basically says that all PR firms of today, need to understand the growing times of today’s technology necessities. If you are not up to date on your technology, you will fall behind, simply as that. I’m glad that this is one of our assignments because my teacher Dr. Barbara Nixon has helped me vastly in the aspect of online technology and how to use it to further my career and to whichever company I come to be employed by.



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