Apple Keynotes Podcast on a Recent Special Event

First of all, Steve Jobs started this whole event but led Tim Cook, executive vice president to talk about the overall view of the Mac. Cook goes on to talk about how the Mac is “far superior” to any other computer out there. He also makes comparisons to the obviously flawed Windows Vista. I did learn that Windows can be played on Macs, and in fact can run Windows and OS X side by side on the same computer. Another interesting thing, I downloaded this as a pod cast and it turned out its a video podcast and I hope I don’t get taken off for this assignment.

Basically the whole beginning of the presentation is about how Macs are the best choice in computers and how Vista doesn’t live up to its name. 400,000 visiters visit Apple retail stores each day! Wow, did not know that. Apple has a great marketing campaign. They credit there success to to six different points: better computers, better software, compatibility, Vista, marketing, and retail stores. From what I can tell on the video is that people were blogging live about this Apple Keynotes pod cast. 1 of every 3 dollars spent on a computer, is spent on a Mac. I learned that they give crazy cool statistics on how much Apple has grown over the year. Macs are also the prefered computer among college students.

When Jobs comes on to speak, you can feel his presence. This man knows what he’s talking about. I talks a bit technical about the different chipsets for the Mac. All of which confuses me, but he basically explains that games run faster on Macs and graphics have come along way with Apples. He really stresses the fact that their Mac Books have a multi-function glass track that is a larger tracking area, has multi-touch for gestures, the entire trackpad is the button, multi-button via software, and added new four-fingered gestures that make it easier to use.

The rest of the presentation continues to go on how about different new features of the new Mac Books and how they are the superior laptop on the market. Alot of stress is put on graphics. I must have counted the word “graphics” about 20 times during the course of this presentation. The end of it ends with a point that Mac Books are Apple’s new tools to gain market share, and sure enough polishes it off with a type of advertisement that resembles an interview with “everyday people” using the computers. Apple certainly is something else. I enjoyed listening to and watching this podcast, but it was a little to technical for my taste. But if your in the industry and are interested in Apple, which is a lot of people, I would suggest this podcast.

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~ by williammfoster on November 7, 2008.

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  1. William — Thanks for your thoughts on Steve Job’s speech via podcast. Most of my podcast subscriptions are audio only, but I have started reviewing a few video ones, too. (Biggest downside to me for video podcasts is that they take up more room on my iPod.)


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