Company Overview

Apple is becoming a larger and larger company everyday. From its computers to its phones, it is steadily becoming an ever increasingly part of our lives. Everyone knows the name, now its time to get to know the company.

Sure the economy is in a slump, and Apple’s stock prices reflect that, but its net sales have increased by over $24 billion over the past 4 years for the current fiscal year ending in September 2008. Almost every person I’ve ever talked to, including people aging 50 years and older has an iPod. Apple has changed the way we listen to music and arguably helped save the music industry with their MP3 players and iTunes application. And hey, their computers aren’t bad either (currently the number one computer purchase for college students)! Apple doesn’t have themarket share that Microsoft currently has, but it never has and it is in tough competition with other companies from computers to phones. However, Apple has its market niches and is continuing to exploit them to the best of its abilities. It’s quite possible that Apple could take over themarket share , but we probably wont see it for many years to come because its so hard to compete with a company that has already dominated the market for so long. Don’t count Apple out though, because its new cutting-edge ideas and products are gaining fast ground in their field and will almostcertainly continue to do so.


~ by williammfoster on December 2, 2008.

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