How Apple Uses the Groundswell

Apple does use the groundswell in today’s market.  One can visit the apple website to see many of the groundswell ideas, including blogs about Apple, their product, upcoming events and what product reviews from their customers. If you have iTunes you are able to download any of the many podcasts about Apple. You can even find them if you don’t have iTunes as long as you look in the right place (here is one such area that is linked to their main site

Apple does many different viral videos and even has their commercials on-demand at their homesite so that people can view them. Many people ejoy watching the hip “apple computer” go up against the boring and confused “pc computer.” If you go to youtube and type up “apple products”, you’ll get a list of videos of Apple’s numerous products, and even opening of new products out of the box, I don’t personally see why anyone would take a video of themselves opening the box of a new iPhone, but they have thousands of hits.

Apple doesn’t even need to do alot of the groundswell ideas because their customers do it for them. This link, is website developed consumers, maybe even started by the company that is completely dedicated to blogs about the company and you can find anything from blogs about the new iPhones to things as small as the headphones (not to mention the other numerous software and computers it produces). Apple is being mentioned everywhere on the web, and if you are reading a blog about technology or computers you’ll probably find a Apple mentioned at least once. If you go to one of my favorite sites, you’ll find every thing you could ever want to know about apple and many examples of how they’re using the groundswell in today’s market. Apple is certainly benefiting from the groundswell.  It’s probably one of the biggest reason they are so big these days (even in today’s extremely crappy economic situation).


~ by williammfoster on December 2, 2008.

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