PR Model of Apple

I believe Apple uses the two-way asymmetric model when it comes to its PR model. They mostly do the communicating through their PR department or from upper level executive, i.e. Steve Jobs. I would like to believe that they use the two-way symmetric model, but I’ve read many many complaints that Apple doesn’t listen to its consumers, I even have a complaint about Apple on one of my blogs relating to just that. Two-symmetric communication is very hard to produce and keep that balance. Apple mainly just releases information as it is necessary and fails to communicate properly with its publics sometimes, that’s not to say that their PR department doesn’t do a great job, because they do. It’s also more difficult because they are such a large company and cannot react to every complaint that comes there way, or other type of communication from its customers for that matter.


~ by williammfoster on December 2, 2008.

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