The Different Publics of Apple

Apple has many different publics that it communicates with, just like any large corporation. First of all there are the many different consumers of its products. These include, but are not limited to: different businesses that use Apple computers or servers, everyone that is interested in purchasing an MP3 player, students, executives, computer purchasers on the consumer level, anyone that uses iTunes to download their music, and anyone interested in buying one of their new phones. These include current and future consumers. I know that Apple has a bad rep for not listening to their consumers, but they do have a great job on customers service. Some of its more specific targeted markets are listed here in the markets section.

Another large audience is the Apple employees and the community of any city that has an Apple corporate office or store or simply has a job selling Apple brand named products. I cannot find a current number of Apple employees, but it was over 18,000 as of 2007. That is a massive amount of people they keep in contact with, and not only them, but their families as well. Apple continually tries to keep in contact with communities, because they are not only the one who work for the company, they are also the consumers. Its important that Apple continues to work with the community to better serve the environment as well. As of recent Apple has really started to go more “green” as most companies are attempting to do the same. This is important because it keeps them in good standing and helps them compete.


~ by williammfoster on December 2, 2008.

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