A Critique of Apple’s Online Newsroom

Through Apple’s sitemap, one can visit a list of news related items regarding Apple and its products. Links include RSS feeds, Hot News, Seminars and Events, and User Groups. In the Hot News section you can see the the top music, TV shows, and movies on iTunes. You can also see the main part, the Latest News section. This is a list of upcoming products, specials, coming attractions, app of the week, tips, software update information, and much much more. Toward the bottom of this same page a list of their most recent press releases is listed along with access to older ones. Very informative.

In the RSS Feeds link you can see a list of different RSS’s that you can subscribe to and view at your liesure. These range from movie trailers, to Mac OS X downloads, to news, developers, and you can even customize your own RSS feed through iTunes to give you just what you want. In the seminar section, you have to have an account set up to use the main feature of the site, but you can search for seminars coming near you. I think this should be available to everyone though. In the user groups section you can link up with different groups that have one thing in common, Apple. You can learn to become a member or leader in your area and access group news.

Overall I would say that Apple has a very good on-line newsroom, although you have to access it though the site map, which can be difficult if you don’t know where to look (its a the bottom right of the main site). I do believe they give all the information that mainstream people are looking for, and even the techies. I think that the seminars section should be fully accessible to everyone and not have to go through an account process.


~ by williammfoster on December 3, 2008.

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